La Roque Gageac
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La Grange Mirabelle is a lovely stone house, situated in La Chapelle Aubareil near Sarlat

The house is ideally situated for all sorts of attractions whether they be natural or man made. This area of France is renowned worldwide for it’s prehistoric sites stretching the length of the Vezere Valley, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The famous caves of Lascaux 2 and Font de Gaume, both famed for their cave art, are just a short ride away. There are many troglodyte cities and forts to explore along the Valley, stepping back in history when you walk where people lived thousands of years ago.

The Dordogne valley is quite different from the Vezere with its fortified towns of Beynac, Domme and Castlenaud, all worth a visit, and if you would like to, you can also see them all from the river while travelling peacefully down the Dordogne on a Gabarres from La Roque-Gageac or Beynac.

There are many Chateaux, Castles and Gardens all within a 30km radius, many of which hold special events during the summer season, including picnicking in the gardens in beautiful settings, music and Sonnet Lumieres throughout the summer.

For those of you who want to travel further afield, the town of Rocamadour is a well preserved medieval town, popular with pilgrims, who believe the site has healing powers. There is a monkey sanctuary nearby, and whilst in the area a visit to the Gouffre de Padirac is well worthwhile (but bear in mind that this is a very popular site).. On a more sombre note, North of Limoges is the village of Orador, which has been left as a memorial to the villagers who lost their lives in the 2nd World War, it is a very moving experience.

This is a fantastic area for those with a bit more energy and enjoy cycling, walking and canoeing. A range of cycles are available for hire in Montignac, approx. 8 km away, or you can bring your own.

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